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October Calendar of Events 2023

We have many events planned this month and are excited to do a wide variety of fun activities here at Lutherville Music School! Join us for November's Open Mic! Perform with a group, show off your piano skills, guitar rifts, etc. Everyone is welcome, students and nonstudents! It’s never too late to be involved. Perhaps you play the drums and want to learn Iconic Drumbeats. Or perhaps want to learn about Chord Voicings for Guitar Players. Where are the Green Day fans at? Join Drew with his workshop of Best Green Day Bass Fills of the 90s! So, don’t miss out and get involved!
Here are all the upcoming events listed below:

Saturday, October 14th at 1:00pm Iconic Drumbeats and How to Play Them with David Wilson
Saturday, October 21st at 12:30pm Chord Voicings for Guitar Players with Noah Pierre
Saturday, October 28th Best Green Day Bass Fills of the 90s at 1:00pmwith Drew Wright

And other future events:
Friday, November 10th at 6:00pm Open Mic
Saturday, November 11th at 1:00pm Live Sound with Drew Wright
Saturday, December 9th at 1:00pm Jazz Drumming for Christmas Music with David Wilson

Contact Drew, (drewlrs@gmail.com), if you're interested or have any questions.
Mark your calendars now, we can’t wait to see you there!

- Lutherville Music School Staff

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