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July Calendar of Events 2022

We got more new and exciting events to look forward to! Join All-Star Rockers Camp over the summer! You can view jazz chords on the guitar with Noah and even learn more about Techniques and Licks to Impress your Friends and Terrify Your Enemies with Chris. Sign up for our Painting workshop with Chris or join the Baltimore Rock Fest. Maybe you been wanting to work on your Stage Presence, or rather want to learn more about your music theory. There are many fun activities to be a part of, here at Lutherville Music School. Be a part of something this month! It’s never too late to try something new.

All upcoming events are listed below:

Saturday, July 9th 1:00pm Painting Workshop with Chris
Week of July 11th All-Star Rockers Camp 
Tuesday, July 12th 7:00pm Intro to Bluegrass Guitar with Ben
Thursday, July 14th 4:00pm Rhythm (Not Just for Drummers) with Connor
Tuesday, July 19th 7:00pm Stage Presence with Damian
Thursday, July 21st Noon Music Theory Workshop with Drew
Saturday, July 23rd 1:00pm Noah Pierre Jazz Chords on the Guitar Workshop
Week of July 25th Baltimore Rock Fest
Saturday, July 30th 1:00pm Techniques and Licks to Impress your Friends and Terrify Your Enemies with Chris Ranier 

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