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August Calendar of Events 2022

We got more new and exciting events to look forward to!

There are many fun activities to be a part of, here at Lutherville Music School. Be a part of something this month! It’s never too late to try something new. Don't miss out on Lutherville Rock School Music Festival, this up coming Saturday! Wall of Fame bands and teacher bands will be playing. Along with a special guest! There will be lots of fun music and food trucks. Come out and support!

All upcoming events are listed below:

Week of August 1st Baltimore Rock Fest (Week 2)

Wednesday, August 3rd 6:30pm Michael Angelo Batio!!!!

Saturday, August 6th 5:00pm Calvary Courtyard Concert Series - Mr. Roger's Trailer Park, The Glass Smashers, North Bend

Tuesday, August 9th 7:00pm Slide Guitar with Ben

Thursday, August 11th 7:00pm Slap Bass with Chris Sharkey

Saturday, August 13th 11:00am - 9:00pm LRS (FIRST EVER) Music Festival

Tuesday, August 16th 2:00pm How to Book a Gig with Connor

Thursday, August 18th 6:00pm Soloing with Chords with Noah

Tuesday, August 23rd 7:00pm Setting Words to Melody with Carl

Theatre Lab on August 27th at 3:00pm

Tuesday, August 30th 7:00pm Stage Presence with Damian

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