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Important Announcement

From - Bruce Anderson - Owner Lutherville Music School
To - All Students, Parents and Staff

February 11th of this year marked the 13th Anniversary of Lutherville Music School.

     I started Lutherville Music School after serving 15 years as the Director of Education for Jordan Kitts Music.
     I have proudly been involved in music and music education in many capacities over my 40 year career as an administrator, teacher, musician and school owner.
     The school has grown steadily through the years thanks to the hard work of our instructors and the support of the students from all the parents who choose to make music an important part of their lives.
     I am very proud of the impact of Lutherville Music School and Rock School in the lives of students, families and friends in the community. 

I am pleased to announce that as of April 1st, 2024, Drew Wright will assume ownership of Lutherville Music School and Lutherville Rock Schools.

Drew has worked tirelessly in his capacity as the School Director for the past few years. Drew has a vision and a plan for taking the school in new directions and continuing its growth. He has implemented many of the programs that are part of the school’s culture. There could not be a better person to lead the school going forward.
I want to thank all the instructors and staff for their hard work through the years, helping to grow and nurture the school.

I will continue to teach for the time being but am preparing for full retirement in the near future. I will also help out during the transition of ownership.

I know that you join me in wishing Drew all the best in this new endeavor. 

Musically Yours - Bruce

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